PigeonParadise.Com is what they call a “Portal Site”. It contains loads of interesting pigeon information, mainly in English and Dutch, but more and more Pipa.be ( abbreviation of PigeonParadise.Com) tries to publish German as well as French information. Now the auctions are translated in even Taiwanese and Chinese language.

The first version of pigeonparadise was created by Mr. Freddy Thienpont who started the first racing pigeon website on the world wide web. The first name of the site was “Racing Pigeons All over the world”. Afterwards Freddy was so busy with his work that he couldn’t manage all the work properly. That’s when Nikolaas came in and suggested Freddy to help. Finally Nikolaas managed the whole site and Freddy quit completely.

At present, not only Nikolaas, but also Mr. Martin Degrave is a very important key member of the Pipa-team. He became the chief editor. Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht is doing the supervision of the health from the pigeons that are for sale, and also a lot of administration regarding the FAMOUS PIPA Online Auctions. In the beginning of 2005 PIPA even organised a fund raising auction for the victims of the TSUNAMI disaster, they collected the full amount of 100.000 EURO !

Thomas Gyselbrecht, son of Carlo and brother of Nikolaas, is maintaining and supervising the online auctions. His time is also taking up by the off line sales which became a big part of PIPA’s business occupations.

We certainly may not forget Luna Lai, who is doing the representation in Asia of the PIPA site, together with Mr William Chen.

Nikolaas is mainly doing the marketing, maintaining the advertisement on PIPA, coordinating the website and trying to help where it is necessary.
We may not forget Frans Hermans and Andres Janssen as PIPA MEMBERS.

Pipa couldn’t be what it is now without the many volunteers and free lance writers from all over the world. In this way we would like everybody who helped us to make PIPA the biggest site in pigeon sport.
Pipa is a sort of online - pigeon newspaper, not on paper, but on the internet! You can find articles about pigeon diseases, about old pigeon glories, about new stars...You can find links to pigeon websites of the whole world categorized par country. Also the name www.pipa.be was registered, because it is shorter and more easy for accessing the website, especially if you are a frequent user. Of course you can also add the site to your favourites, that is another way for a quick and easy access.
Next to articles and links, another important part of www.pipa.be are the pigeon results of course; In the racing season international, national, provincial and sometimes even local results are published. We also give the opportunity to every pigeon racer to update their own results in a separate section.
Only few minutes after the first arrivals, you can find already the first results, thanks to the cooperation with the organisations which organise the races.

Other things you can find on www.pigeonparadise.com :

- Loft visits to big pigeon stars in Belgium, national winners, etc..
- Articles about many different pigeon related topics
- Who is pigeonparadise?
- Information about the statistics...
- Links to other pigeon start pages
- Links to pigeon food companies
- Links to pigeon sales pages
- Web shop pigeon products
- Other Products and services
- Links to Pigeon Books / Magazines
- Software
- Pigeon Photographers
- Interesting pigeon related sites in Belgium
- Interesting pigeon related sites in the Netherlands
- Medical Corner
- Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht writes...
- And much more!

Pigeonparadise is considered by many people as the most informative pigeon portal on the net ... And of course for bringing the same quality , we try to improve the quality continuously!! Any suggestions and hints are always welcome ...

The Pipa-team